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Musical Instrument or Music Theory Lessons
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The benefits of learning a musical instrument are immense: it improves academic skills; it develops coordination and motor skills; it cultivates peer interaction, communication and teamwork; it refines discipline and patience; it boosts self-esteem and it introduces children to other cultures.
There is no one is better than a musical instrument teacher to help your child choose a musical instrument but there are a few factors that may help:
  • is there a particular musical instrument that your child finds exciting?
  • does your child's temperament suit the instrument?
  • is your child interested in a particular music genre?
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Online Music Lessons

During lock down we are running online instrument lessons. We run lessons for brass, guitar, piano, music tech and drums. Zoom, Skype and Facetime are just a few of the platforms we use, get in touch with to book now!

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